Our mission is to help organisations develop emotionally intelligent leaders who can empower and enable their people to be more effective in work and in life.


Whether we are speaking, presenting, facilitating or coaching our aim is always to ignite new thoughts in the minds of every audience.

We know that with new thoughts comes new ideas.

New ideas invariably mean new energy and new possibility.

We equip leaders and individuals with the tools to bring about change and realise the possibility.


We pride ourselves on our ability to encourage and empower each audience.

We know that it’s what you do after those new thoughts and ideas that counts.

Otherwise new thinking can quickly revert back to old thinking.

The challenge of getting started begins with a conversation and we’ll be there to help with this.


We start with the end in mind and look to enable each audience to take the first step, the first action.

When we take them together we have momentum.

Knowing that you’re not on your own and that there are people to support and encourage provides reassurance.

Being inspired by those around you can help and enable you to move towards achieving change.

Jeff Weigh

Managing Director & Leadership Coach

Challenging and curious, provoking new thoughts about leadership and well-being.

Over 17 years experience of inspiring audiences to act boldly and be more courageous.

Co-founded Ignite Performance with his partner (now wife) in 2014.

Spent over 3 years researching work-life balance and launched the Perfect Imbalance Podcast in May 2018, and has interviewed over 50 thought leaders.

Currently exploring and working on how we can be attentional.