A year from now,
you'll wish you had
started today


We only see
the things
on the surface


Even the
hardest puzzles

Have a solution



it's better to be a first rate version of yourself
than to be an exact duplicate of someone else


Life begins


- of your -

Comfort zone




You cannot
stop the waves,
but you can
learn to surf

Helping individuals and organisations to do more of the things they want to do in life and in work whilst improving overall well-being.


Whether we are speaking, presenting, facilitating or coaching and mentoring we provoke new thoughts in the minds of every audience.

We have over 50,000 thoughts each day.

How many of those are new thoughts?

We know that with new thoughts comes new ideas.

New ideas invariably mean new energy and new possibility.

The pace of business has changed and technology is developing quicker than ever, but how are you dealing with this?

Change ultimately affects your performance which it turn can have an impact on your well-being.

We equip managers and individuals with the tools to maintain a positive well-being.


We pride ourselves on our ability (and manner) to challenge each audience in the right way; we ask permission first!

If having new thoughts and ideas was enough on its own to make changes, then everyone would be doing it.

We know that it’s what you do after those new thoughts and ideas that counts.

New thinking quickly reverts back to old thinking once you’ve been to the next meeting or wrapped up for the day.

Sharing those thoughts and making sense of them before coming up with a plan is essential.

This takes time and part of that process involves those around you, including line managers.

The challenge of getting started begins with a conversation and we’ll help with this.


We start with the end in mind and look to inspire each audience to take the first step, the first action. When we take them together we have momentum.

We know change is easiest for most people when we can talk openly.

There are often concerns to be shared and personal beliefs to overcome.

Choosing to do something new or different requires courage and confidence, especially if you’re the only one wanting to make changes in your life.

Knowing that you’re not on your own and that there are people to support and encourage provides reassurance.

Being inspired by those around you can help you towards achieving or maintaining a positive well-being.

Jeff Weigh

Igniting and provoking new thoughts for positive well-being and overall health.

Over 16 years experience of inspiring audiences to act boldly and be more courageous.

Challenging and curious.

Can often be heard sharing stories of when he worked for big corporate organisations.

Co-Founded one of the biggest on-line communities UKRunChat (with a friend and colleague).

Made redundant for the first time in his career back in 2014.

Decided to work for himself for a second time, having failed first time around in 2010.

Spent 3 months working as a Recruitment Consultant (to pay the bills) when he didn’t have any recruitment experience!

More recently

Over the last 3 years he’s been researching work-life balance; writing and talking about a Perfect Imbalance.

He launched the Perfect Imbalance Podcast in May 2018 and interviewed over 50 thought leaders in their respective fields.

He’s dedicated time and passion to helping others enjoy positive well-being in their lives.