A rolling stone that keeps on going and going.

On this episode I interview Kriss Akabusi;

  • not the GB track legend of the 400 metre hurdles & 4×4 relay team
  • not as the tv personality that you may have seen in…
  • but as the person he has become; thinker, philosopher, coach and a man oozing with passion to enable and encourage others to shake off the shackles and have some true and meaningful conversations in life.

In this episode we explore some of the deeper questions in life with Kriss.

Kriss has reflected on his life a lot more since the 2012 London Olympics and has discovered a love of philosophy.

We talk about the value of new conversations and agree that you’re only as good as the new conversations that you’re having.

We talk about whole new area of being and becoming.

All of a sudden, the gift of life has become even more rare and wonderful, with the realisation of how quick it’s over.

With his usual mix of energy and passion Kriss shares insight into how he really wants to explore; what is this life, what is this experience. Asking; is any of it eternal or is it temporal?

Kriss’s philosophy or view of the world is; none of us asked to be born and none of us want to die. Inside of that there will be many different versions of you. You get to choose at any one time who you’re going to be.

What is it or are you hiding from what it is. We have order on one side and the chaos on the other.

All creativity comes out of chaos

As a coach, philosopher (and a rolling stone) Kriss shares his views on leading from behind and helping others discover and experiment for themselves. He shares some of the great teachers in his life including Sergeant McKenzie who met him at a key point in his life and his own children who play a big part in his life everyday.

Here’s some words of wisdom from Kriss; Here today and gone tomorrow…

The most important thing at all times is to tend your garden – Voltaire

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Bonus video (as shared by Kriss on Twitter); You are the creator

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