In the forthcoming episode of Perfect Imbalance I interview Michel Falcon, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author of People First Culture.

I first came across Michel when I listened to a panel discussion episode of the ‘Where Others Won’t’ podcast with Patty McCord, hosted by Cody Royle. The theme for this episode was; building culture. What struck me straight away was the common sense approach that Michel was describing.







Consequently I followed this up by buying the book: People First Culture; building a lasting company by shifting your focus from profit to people.


Having spent a large proportion of my career in the corporate world in finance, retail and telecommunications I would frequently find myself coming back to the experience gained in my first career in hospitality. Working in 4 star hotels prepares you wonderfully in terms of customer service whilst also providing insights into the importance of creating the right culture.

Conditioned to believe, ‘the customer is always right’ is pretty hard to accept or take on board in your early 20’s. Hindsight has taught me otherwise and the lessons are there for me to draw on today. The customer was put at the heart of everything we did or were told to do during my days working in hotels. Even at the expense of the employees or staff.

Ultimately at the expense of creating the best culture.

People first

Putting your people first makes absolute sense, especially when you consider the impact that it has on your customers. Throw in the additional impact on well-being and mental health today and what’s stopping you?!










Captivated and fascinated, I read Michel’s book on 2 train journey’s back and forth to London in April this year (2019).

As a result of reaching out, initially via email before following up with a whats app chat it was a pleasure to interview Michel for the show and get his insights when it comes to people, balance and life.

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Watch Michel’s keynote reel – Customer experience, Employee engagement, Company Culture.

If you would like to know more about Michel and what he’s up to, check out his website.

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